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Love Yourself - You should start now

Athens GA Cali-n-Tito’s celebrate February Love yourself skin protection

February - the month of love. Well, I know it’s supposed to be just the 14th, but screw that.  Bring on more love!  We see pink and red for at least two weeks.  Bring on more lovely colors! Purple amethyst is the color birthstone for February. We need more purple!  

Lots of exclamations here, so I’ll add my own.  February is my birth month - yay me!  No big celebration this year except with family.  I feel like we celebrate my kids birthdays all month long. Maybe as adults we should do the same if it makes us feel good.  Look at the photo of me below in Athens. My hub and I were out having fun - simple dinner at Tito-n-Cali’s.  A weekend getaway w/ the hub, hiking with kids another weekend, cake with family another weekend, buy a hat or two for myself...

Hats are important ya know, and my family loves hats. Some jobs require them. Some people just look great in hats. Hats protect - always use protection.  I wear hats to protect my face from the sun.  Miss 1989 Sun Queen here used to soak up the sun with the baby oil...and without.  Sometimes laying out on the roof because I thought the roofing shingles attracted more rays - oh me. But to prep for those swimsuit summer months, I used a tanning bed.  I’m pretty sure I used tanning beds from age 16, when I could drive myself to a tanning salon, until I was 35 when I knew I was pregnant with my first child.  Those crowning years, I was Miss Fake & Bake, Miss Tomato Face, Little Miss Easy Bake Oven, and Queen of Cooked Innerds.  

So, since I love myself, my kids, my husband, so many people, I have regular dermatologist appointments. The derm doc and I are intimate. I’m her work of art I think. She has the best hands in the business, cutting, sewing, molding me back into shape. Thankful she’s no Picasso. 

If you haven’t had a skin check, get an appointment and love yourself.  Love yourself for you, for your family, for your pet. Let the love of February last all year long.  You should celebrate your birthday the entire month too...or start now celebrating you!

Living the Life,