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Happy Monday New Year!

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Happy New Year to you all!  Isn't it great to start a Monday as a holiday?!!  My plans for New Years day was whatever the kids wanted to do which was relax and watch College Bowl games.  And, we did.  I'm pretty sure we stayed in our jammies all day too.  

These first Mondays of the year are looking great!  New Years day with College Football was awesome.  This coming Monday is College football championship - lot more awesome!  Then, wait for it..., Monday January exciting...can you guess?  It's National Hat Day!  I feel like I'm living the dream people.  Relaxing with family, college football excitement, and hat day all in the same month!  So many wins here.

Any way - I hope you choose a great hat to wear on January 15th. You were probably just thinking, "I don't have enough hats." has everything on sale for 30% off using discount code HATDAY30.  Actually, you should change hats throughout the day to show off your collection and to show how spectacular you look.  And, you should always use protection.

Have a great New Year filled with good things happening on Mondays & lots of hats!